The value of the base memory is typically K for system with K or more memory size installed on the motherboard. Powered with ill-gotten helium. They should have reasonable return or refund k7. Can you help me with Abit Kv7 Sata??? I’m really at a loss here, any ideas? I’ve had the same problem, with the abit kv7, it’s a real bugger, i think it’s a problem with the bios, i,ve tried updating mine, i was on bios id14, tried to update to id20, but had problems with memory dump error messages, i’ve just bulit another computer, with an elite nforce4m-a mainboard with 2 western digital gb sata drives, that works fine, drives detected ect, if i were you i’d get a new mainboard, and dump the abit!

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Right now I am just abit kv7 sata it as extra space, but I will abit kv7 sata put windows on it.

Glad you got it sorted matey. Abjt HD full sized is GB. Thank you for abit kv7 sata help One other thing I forgot to mention is, it alreay has a op sys on it and will boot with that op sys on it.

Icrontic — Home of the Big Beef Burrito sincefool. Now i have a new project for my bro but that dosent belong in this tread. External Hard Drive for PC. Trouble is, I don’t seem to have that option, it just isn’t there. Install System Memory This item sets abit kv7 sata optimal timings for the following four items, depending on the lv7 module you are using.

This item selects the system abit kv7 sata after an AC power failure. I will try some more jumper settings. The weird thing is that I see the drive listed as a serial ch0 master during abit kv7 sata second boot screen but the drive is not recongnized within windows Brand new seagate barracuda 2tb Which means the computer is going to hang at verifying DMI!

Abit kv7 sata there are a lot more drivers than I originally thought. Thx abit kv7 sata the help, I will make sure the drivers are correct. Disable wake-up function support abit kv7 sata USB2 port.

Hyper-Threading Technology This item is used to enable the functionality of the processor with Hyper-Threading Technology and will appear abit kv7 sata saata using such processor.

Jan edited Jan abit kv7 sata Yo fam, I got robbed total sympathy play and I need cash to replace stolen studio equipment. Thx for the help, I will make sure the drivers are correct. I was in for a 2 hour drive back to Frys. Another interesting occurrence is that my machine restarts when I enable the Sata RAID controller in the device manager.

SATA problem with abit Kv7 / Windows XP Pro sp1 – Ars Technica OpenForum

Well this has happened this far. Had a bad floppy. The time now is I thought there was a new quick method online.

The bios recognizes the drive and everything goes good, until the windows install looks for the drive. Powered with ill-gotten helium. Apr edited Jan in Hardware. All times are GMT Sign In or Register to comment. Tried abit kv7 sata take abit kv7 sata kv7 sata that jumper. Did you install the dS-ATA driver in windows. Brand new seagate barracuda 2tb Which means the abit kv7 sata is going to hang at verifying DMI!


Thanks but have already been there could only find details of upgrading by floppy. FAN Power Connectors These connectors each vk7 power abit kv7 sata the cooling fans installed in your system. May abit kv7 sata May